Summer of 2013



What was once summer has become fall, even though here in the Bay Area fall tends to feel and look like summer with the endless amount of sunshine.  The Summer of 2013 was,  to say the least, a roller coaster.  I had my highest highs and lowest lows during these 3 months, but hey who said life was easy right?  I would love to talk about my low points this summer, but let’s be real!  Who wants to hear a unhappy story in the end, we all love a good happy ending and plus I don’t want to write a sappy blog post 🙂


Well let’s begin with the summer highlights, thinking back a lot of these memories were from August-September.  My musical highlight of the summer was SF’s Outside Lands Music Festival.  My first 3 day festival and my first concert, yes I have been deprived of live music for years!  But to my defense, I love so many artists that I just wanted to see them all in one place and a 3 day festival was perfect and the line up at Outside Lands was just amazing this year.  As a first time concert and festival goer, Outside Lands was definitely the perfect event to attend.  Besides having to rush to all the stages to catch my favorite artists, it was probably the best experience ever!  The music, the food, the art, and the environment was just amazing!!  It was just a weekend full of the best of the best artists performing their hearts out to thousands of music lovers.  It was just a place where you could lounge and listen to your favorite songs live or for you more daring people, jumping your hearts out to the beat and standing inches away from your favorite artist.  The mix of genres was unique; you had indie bands, mainstream artists, old-school music, rappers, up coming artists, across the pond artists, and of course the infamous electronic music (plus the  Heineken Dome  that was blaring house music)!  It was all I could ask for from my first concert experience put into 3 days.  It was freezing at night, there was a bunch of people smoking weed, the lines for food and the bathrooms were long, there was a TON of people, I was exhausted after each day, but to tell you it wasn’t worth it would be a lie!  Plus all the tweets about the concert got my Klout score up, retweets from artists and who doesn’t like that!


Second highlight was probably just for you fashion people out there.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I was offered TICKETS TO NYFW Spring/Summer 2014!!!!!  This was through an Instagram post via Zappos, but seeing as how I was on the West Coast and the fashion shows were on the East Coast and it was an offer for that day, I could not accept it.  But it was exciting while it lasted 🙂


Third summer highlight was definitely a geek out moment.  I GOT A FREE CONFERENCE PASS TO BOX WORKS 2013!!! It was probably the most educational, inspiring, and unforgettable moments.  I got free swag, free food and alcohol, got to listen to the most amazing speakers (Aaron Levie, Malcolm Gladwell, Nicholas Carr, etc.), get to see first hand the new things Box had to offer, learn more about technology, experience my first tech conference, and of course get to see Blink-182 (childhood memories relived!)!!!  I came into the conference excited, but left motivated and more knowledgeable about the tech world.  It made me appreciate the tech industry to another level.  When you are there you begin to realize that there are really no boundaries in technology, that anything is possible if you just take the time to put it together.  I sat through sessions where I learned how cloud can be integrating in our work lives to make the business and process more efficient, how cloud really is going to change the way we work, and how to become a disruptive innovator you need the sense of URGENCY (Gladwell).  Lots of my friends say the best part of this was getting the free stuff, but for me it was being able to immerse myself and learn more about this industry I want to become a part of!


Last, but not least was the times I spent with my family and friends.  When you are in college, you are kind of oblivious to what is happening at home because university has created that kind of barrier between home and your own world at university.  College is that 4 year escape you have from your home and your family, but once you move back in (like I did) you are 100% exposed to it 24/7.  It definitely is a love/hate relationship, but it’s your family and you love them no matter what.  Reuniting with your hometown friends is always the best!  You have years of stories to tell and many memories to reflect and laugh it (might I say the best laughs you will ever laugh).  You go back to your roots of who you were in the past to who you have become now, a time of reflection.  So for those who dread coming back home after college, I have one advice to give you:  Give it a chance, it may be rocky here and there, but it is always good to go back to the roots of who you are.  You always need a little TLC from your family and friends, to make you laugh and cry.


I know it has been months since my last post, but I will definitely try to make this a more regular thing.  I’ll post every 2 weeks just so I am not too IN YOUR FACE, but still relevant!  Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the other side!  XOXO




Being Present


The Way You Look Tonight in My Best Friend’s Wedding

In the moment

In the moment

Living in the moment, just like Julia Roberts’s and Dermot Mulroney’s character portray in this scene of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” show the importance of the then and now in life.  This blog is about the importance of being in the presence!

Today’s world, today’s way of life is a complete contrast to that of the past.  We are constantly worried about the time, about the competition, and living the future.  What happened to enjoying the present, the right now?  We are constantly striving to secure happiness for the future that we fail to enjoy what we have in front of us.

As a kid growing up surrounded by a fast paced world, where gadgets and technology kind of has a control on me.  I’m not afraid to say it!  Let’s be real, we all constantly check our phones, text, Instagram pictures, checking in on Four Square, updating our Facebook status, tweeting a friend , etc.  It is as if we couldn’t survive without them!  Through the years I have found various outlets where I am physically detached from this crazy world; whether it’s ballet, piano, writing, or running.  I have subconsciously felt the need to have that balance between technology and being present.  But it wasn’t till a couple months ago that i really witnessed and realized the extent of how much technology has hindered our ability to be mentally present anymore.

After having my first smartphone (of course the iPhone),  was it then did I notice this absence of myself and more obviously of others.  My personal moment was at a Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion exhibition at the de Young Museum.  I was vigorously taking pictures with my phone, whizzing through the rooms, until i was stopped by a conversation I overheard.  The man next to me was discussing about the intricate detailing of one of JPG’s collection pieces, of how beautifully crafted the gown transitioned from harsh denim jean to delicate goose feather.  I slowly put my phone down and it wasn’t till then did i start seeing each piece in a new light.  My moment of “Awe” when observing others was also pretty recent, it was at a restaurant I went to with my family in San Francisco.  As we were waiting for our meal, I was looking around this small restaurant only to see that a couple a table away eating a meal together.  The odd thing about them was the fact that they both were looking at their iPhone and eating dinner, not making any eye contact with one another, not talking to one another.  I thought maybe it was just that couple, but after that incident did I begin to notice this as a trend with all ages.

Society was no longer interacting with one another face to face, but phone to phone.

Yes, of course I have noticed it before, but it has gotten progressively worse.  Yes, I know i am typing this blog on the internet and on a online blog, but I am not suggesting to completely cut off Internet from your life or to throw away all your technology away.  Look at me; I love technology and what it has down to progress human’s daily life and I love the Internet!  All I am saying is to just set some time in your day, in your week, in your life to put the phones away, unplug yourself, and just really enjoy the company of those around you, soak in the environment, and taste the food (without Instagramming it)!!  Just enjoy some time to soak in the moment while it is going on then and now!  Trust me, it will make it even more memorable.

Share your opinions, thoughts, and maybe you have some stories!  Also if you have any suggestions about what topic I should write next, leave them down beeelllooowww.  Now for the COMMENT PART!

See you on the other side. xoxo