Summer of 2013

  What was once summer has become fall, even though here in the Bay Area fall tends to feel and look like summer with the endless amount of sunshine.  The Summer of 2013 was,  to say the least, a roller coaster.  I had my highest highs and lowest lows during these 3 months, but hey… Continue reading Summer of 2013


Being Present

The Way You Look Tonight in My Best Friend's Wedding Living in the moment, just like Julia Roberts's and Dermot Mulroney's character portray in this scene of "My Best Friend's Wedding" show the importance of the then and now in life.  This blog is about the importance of being in the presence! Today's world, today's… Continue reading Being Present

The Meaning Behind Fashion

Recently, I have been eyeing this AMAZING ring by KhaiKhai Jewelry as seen on The Man Repeller blog.  This 18k gold, diamond encrusted ring was worn in two ways; as a regular ring and as a knuckle ring by Leandra Medine (MR).  The first time I laid eyes on it, I fell immediately in love. … Continue reading The Meaning Behind Fashion