A New Beginning


Another Love – Tom Odell

As a fresh college graduate, I am bombarded with questions and inquiries about my life after college.  It has been a mere 3 days since I have been home and I am overwhelmed with emotions and questions for myself about this new path I am beginning to pave for myself.  I am conflicted to get a job as soon as I can just because it is the norm, but also to help my family financially.  At the same time I am torn to go out and explore the world while I am young, as many those older than I have heavily suggested.  But then you are conflicted of how you can fund these travels without a well paying job or without the support of your parent’s money.  This also brings the conflict of if you have loans like me, you want to pay them off before the interest starts accruing.

For me the biggest dilemma I am personally facing is one internally.  The dilemma of what is is that I actually want to do with myself and what career path do I take.  Do I follow with my heart or do I go what my head feels is right.  Then there are people who advice that you don’t really know what you want till you try all those you are interested in, just apply yourself to everything.  After reading many biographical articles about successful people, what I have taken from them is that it takes years and many jobs till they eventually land the ideal job they are currently at.  I want that satisfaction, that passion and love from my job, I want that reassurance of happiness.

I guess that’s what we all are really striving for… HAPPINESS.

We live in a society that is surrounded by social media that has become this 24/7 bragging platform.  Whether it is a Tweet, a Facebook status, a picture on Instagram, or a 6 second Vine video, these all have become out own personal way of telling the world, “look at what I have accomplished”   I am not saying this is a bad thing, we have just become more aware of the piling competition that is around us.  We have become a more dog-eat-dog world than we once were.

It’s time for a new beginning, to take a step out of this chaotic world and look at myself.   This is something that is difficult and I have tried and repeatedly fail to go through with this, but it’s time for new beginnings, it is time to find another love for myself.

So if this is your cup of tea, join me on this journey in search of my own happiness.

See you on the other side .