Who Am I?

Hi my name is Jacqueline.  I am just a fresh college graduate and have been always wanting to start a blog, but never really had the real push to do it on a regular basis.  Finally, with no job and no school to tie me down, I am now using my spare time to write a blog.

There is no real focus for this blog, I just write what I feel.  It can be about the challenges I am faces through life, my passions of fashion and the rising technology of today, or just some silly anecdotes I have encountered in the past or ones that just happened today.  Whatever it may be, I hope this blog entertains you, questions your thoughts and opinions, and most of all is something you look forward to reading!  My destination of life, like this blog, is unclear, but all I really want is to enjoy life and be happy.  So COME AND HOP ABOARD the TRAIN TO THE UNKNOWN with me, I’ll guarantee it will be one hell of a ride!




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