The Meaning Behind Fashion


Recently, I have been eyeing this AMAZING ring by KhaiKhai Jewelry as seen on The Man Repeller blog.  This 18k gold, diamond encrusted ring was worn in two ways; as a regular ring and as a knuckle ring by Leandra Medine (MR).  The first time I laid eyes on it, I fell immediately in love.  I just HAD TO HAVE IT, but with a price tag close to $2,000 and being an unemployed, recent college graduate with loans to pay off, this dream of mine could only be achieved through on screen admiration.

My friends think I am beyond ridiculous that I would pay any high amount of money for something as simple as a serpent ring or a simple pair of heels (trust me I would, if I had the extra cash to spare),  but let’s be real, who wouldn’t?!?!  Women, especially, are bombarded by designer labels and luxurious clothing/accessories around us 24/7 that it is difficult not to want a classic Chanel bag, a pair of Louboutin shoes, a to die for Oscar De La Renta or Marchesa gown, and some Rag+Bone pants in our closets.

But there are only a few people in the world that can tell a designer piece from a non-designer piece, without having the logo plastered on the piece of article.  So what draws every women to possess these items?  Maybe knowing that we have that Hermes bag to make us stand taller, or being acknowledged for how amazing we look in that Helmut Lang jacket, or (if you are like me) just for the pure art and craft behind each piece of the collection.  Whatever you reasoning may be, my real question and fascination is what makes up fork up thousands of dollars (sometimes an amount that is a down payment on a house) for that one item, for that satisfaction that may last as little as a couple of seconds?

Even if it isn’t designer brand, the style that these fashion designers and icons set forth in their collections largely influence the clothing we end up seeing at our department stores.  Fashion has such a huge impact on our lives, but it is seen as playing such a small role in our everyday lives by the majority of the population.  But that “it bag” or that must have coat of the season does not just put an extra spring in our step, but it is a way for us all to express our individuality.  After immersing myself in the fashion world these past 2 years (with blogs, documentaries, interview, exhibitions, and fashion shows), I realized the time, the work, the detail, the craft, and the love that is being put into each piece of every collection.  I began to appreciated these, dare i say, reasonably priced designer pieces.  Fashion is not just the clothes on your back, but the way we present ourselves to the world, the way people see our personalities off the bat, the way it makes you feel, and most importantly the way an individual dresses the pieces together to express who they are.

How has or how does fashion affect you?  Or maybe it does not?  Maybe labels and the latest “it” item doesn’t concern you?  Whatever it may be, I’d love to hear you opinion about the fashion world.  Maybe how fashion is just about consumerism or maybe you share my view of how fashion is a form or art.  I am all ears!

See you on the other side.

Here is the link to the infamous Khai Khai Serpent Ring:

The Man Repeller Blog Link:

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