Bastille – Flaws (Acoustic)

We are faced with decisions everyday.  There are endless decisions we make each day, each of which have their own ripple effect.  There are some choices we make in life that may directly affect us as individuals, the loved ones around us, or indirectly to the passerby who crosses our path on the way to the coffee house.  No matter how you see it, the decisions we make in our lives affect someone or something.

As we get older, the decisions become more difficult, more personal, and we are just more aware of their consequences.  We go from picking which Popsicle we want to choosing which type of life we want to leave.  After graduating college there are many life changing decisions you must make.  You are creating a new path for yourself, the world sees us as adults with our heads on straight.  There are a few of us that manage to succeed through college, who have that straight vision of exactly what we want in life, and in the end achieve the goals they set out with.  I congratulate those who are able to achieve this, that is what I want for myself.  But like some of us, I am not fortunate to have discovered myself so early on and so quickly.  These are the decisions that take each individual on a different path.  You begin to see some friends move forward in life and those that face life barriers that may pull them back.

The sheer reality is that life is like a game, each move you make determines a different outcome.  If you make the wrong move, your life can take a different turn, this does not necessarily mean for the worse.  Like a game, sometimes you are forced in making an unplanned move that can lead to a short cut to the original goal or better a totally new discovery.

I think that is what I am hoping for, an unexpected win in life.  That all my unexpected twists and turns, all my life decisions (both good and bad) will inadvertently lead me to some sort of fulfillment in life.

What will life bring you?  Tell me stories about decisions that have let to an unexpected turn in your life! I’d love to hear your stories.

See you on the other side.


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